ITB Export System

This system was developed with one central goal in mind;

to quickly eliminate major barriers that prevent exporting so that U.S. companies can reach foreign markets as fast as possible!

Export Market Development

A major part of the Global Access Plan requires ITB to prepare the company for foreign marketing by Translating and Culturally Adapting information!

Export Strategies

Identifying foreign markets, establishing relationships and structuring agreements are the foundation of a successful Export Strategy!

Questions People Ask:

  • What foreign countries have an immediate market for my products?
    • If I modify my products, can I access additional foreign markets?
    • What disadvantages do I have when it comes to foreign markets?
    • What is the fastest way to locate and then qualify a foreign partner?
    • What type of Agreement is the best for my situation?
    • How can I accept orders from foreign partners with zero risk?
    • How do I Finance and Insure exports?
    • How can I lower my overall cost on exporting?

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Our Story

  • 3 brothers
As told by the founders:

"As we were coming into the late 1980’s we found ourselves in a very difficult situation. There was a serious economic recession at that time and everything we tried to do to generate business did not seem to help..." (story cont' here)

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