Export Market Development:

Global Marketing....It isn’t anything like marketing models of old! Techniques that were successful just 3 years ago are no longer effective! If a company does not understand the power of global Search Engines and how they fundamentally work, they are at the back of the line when it comes to marketing their products to foreign companies!

There is a simple truth in ALL business, it transcends ALL borders:
People have to KNOW that your company exist, and they have to UNDERSTAND what you are offering, before they can buy from YOU!

The fact is, foreign companies are 'eating U.S. companies alive' when it comes to marketing products outside of their home country. You can go to any of the major Search Engines inside the United States and you’ll find millions of foreign companies--they have saturated the U.S. search engines. They have learned the lesson of how to place Information in front of U.S. buyers and it is working! However, it is a much different story when it comes to U.S. companies.

foreign search enginesIf you go to some of the largest search engines outside the United States, it is hard to find any information on U.S. companies, and it is almost never translated or culturally adapted. So if a potential buyer happened to find information on your company, they would not know what you were offering anyway.

Most companies in the U.S. have the misunderstanding that high rankings on U.S. Search Engines translate into high ranking on foreign search engines. This could not be further from the truth! Foreign market search engine penetration requires a dynamic system implemented by a team of highly skilled specialist that understand these markets. In the United States, it is common to pay a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firm to help your company obtain high rankings on U.S. search engines. However, most of these companies are very limited in their understanding of foreign markets and are at best only able to submit information in the English language. It is imperative that information is not only translated but also culturally adapted. This is a highly specialized field of experience that requires a team of skilled experts. Fundamental mistakes can mean the difference between success and failure. There are thousands of search engines around the world and each country has numerous search engines that focus on their particular markets.

Global SystemThe ITB Export System™ has been structured to translate and culturally adapt information on US companies and then places this information in focused areas around the world. Some of the most advanced companies in the U.S. are ill equipped to manage International marketing programs and are oblivious to the missed potential in this area. This ‘SYSTEM’ serves as a catalyst for forming and managing foreign relationships and once these relationships are established, we utilize our proprietary Export System to simplify every component of International Trade.



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