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The ITB Export System


World TreeThe ITB Export System was developed over a 20-year period by a group of individuals that have a long history in owning and operating manufacturing facilities that have a focus in exporting.

The main engine that drives the ITB Export System™ is so unique it is presently in Patent Pending status with the United States Patent Office. This system was developed with one central goal in mind; to quickly eliminate major barriers that prevent exporting so that U.S. companies can reach foreign markets as fast as possible, and more importantly, manage these ongoing relationships. The ITB Export System takes the company by the hand and leads them through a process by providing a ‘SYSTEM’ that focuses on every core component of exporting. It takes all the guesswork out and it streamlines the entire process!

Bullet TrainIt is kind of like having the ability to step out of your door and hop on a bullet train that will take you to your designation quickly without getting bogged down in any of the travel details. It does not matter if the company is attempting to export for the first time, or if it is a major corporation. THIS SYSTEM WORKS!


The ITB Export System provides access to foreign markets on a level never before seen! We have simplified the entire export process by separating the major components of International trade in to two categories, or Hubs.
The first Hub deals with Forming Relationships and second Hub deals the Transactional support.

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Simply put, the Relationship Hub deals mainly with establishing and maintaining a relationship with foreign partners. It includes areas such as Marketing and Distribution, Private Label Manufacturing, Licensing Agreements, Offset Agreements and Technology Transfers.


transactional hub

The Transactional Hub mainly deals with the mechanics of a transaction after a relationship is in place. This includes things like Banking and Finance, Insurance, Translation, Shipping and Customs. This Trade Hub allows a company to move through the process quickly and at the lowest possible cost!



Both Hubs together make
The ITB Export System™


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