Our Story

As told by the founders....

As we were coming into the late 1980’s we found ourselves in a very difficult situation. There was a serious economic recession at that time and everything we tried to do to generate business in our manufacturing operations just did not seem to make an impact. The market for our products in the U.S. had simply dried up.

DesertAt first, we tried refocusing our efforts in Marketing. We tried all kinds of creative advertising programs. We ran tons of ads and stepped up sales efforts. We lowered our prices on our products to the point where there was little, if any, profit. In fact, we even went so far as to create a complete new product line that was focused on the price conscious customers, but nothing seemed to make a difference!

The problem was, we were in a situation back then that is very much the same as many businesses are facing today; we had to find a solution, and find it fast, or we were not going to survive.

get ourselves out of problemOne day while we were in a meeting discussing how we were going to get ourselves through this problem, it occurred to us that the one thing that we had not really tried to do was market our products outside the United States. We had not considered Exporting as a new market for our products. So, we started as many companies do by going to the United States Export Department and we got a crash course in the difficulties involved in Exporting!

stacked booksI can still remember all the books and brochures we received. It seemed like the books were stacked 2’ high on my desk. The first thing that we quickly found out was that the Government had a willingness to give us more literature than we ever had time to read and it seemed like the more we read, the more difficult it became! We found out that it was never an issue of 'lack of information', but just the opposite,
the problem was too much Information and the wrong kind of Information!
It quickly became obvious to us that the support systems that were in place for helping companies like ourselves was designed around 'self education'. In other words, all the information we ever wanted was available for the taking. In fact, the Government was even willing to send it to us free of charge. The problem with this is that exporting is a very complex subject and the rules change all the time. So, there is an enormous learning curve that creates a barrier to exporting for most companies!

LibraryAt that time we were in 'survival mode' and it was extremely difficult for us to take on a 'part time job' of educating ourselves about ‘How to Export’.
It was like somebody opening the door to this huge library and saying, “All the information that you need to become a Doctor is right in here”.
It was daunting to say the least! What we needed more than anything else was somebody that had real life experience that could walk us through these difficulties quickly, by giving us a ‘heads up’ on potential problems and lead us into these markets! What we needed was a ‘SYSTEM’ that would help us fast track this process. But there was nothing like this, so we were forced to spend many years going through trial and error developing this ‘SYSTEM’.


gained experienceOver a period of 20 years, we were able to refine the process that ITB uses to facilitate export today and we got better and better at doing it.
As we gained experience over the years, we began to find creative solutions that allowed us to make things happen much faster. It wasn’t long before other companies began asking us how we were able to accomplish this and more interestingly, 'If we would be willing to assist them in the process'. It was back then that we realized that companies all over the United States were dealing with the same situation that we were. Most companies wanted to export but the barriers to entry, the difficulties in educating themselves, THE LACK OF A SYSTEM, simply prevented them.

In April of 2000 we founded the International Trade Bureau (ITB). The main engine behind ITB is a proprietary Export System that is so unique it is presently in Patent Pending status with the United States Patent Office.

ITB DevelopedThis system was developed with one central goal in mind; to quickly help companies through these major barriers so they can reach foreign market as fast as possible, and more importantly, manage these ongoing relationships. We take the company by the hand and lead them through this process by providing an ‘SYSTEM’ that focuses on every core component of exporting. It takes all the guesswork out and it streamlines the entire process!

Bullet TrainIt’s kind of like having the ability to step out your door and hop on a bullet train that will take you to your designation quickly without getting bogged down in any of the travel details.

It does not matter if the company is attempting to export for the first time or if it is a major corporation,