The Barriers to Entry:

Questions People Ask....

  • • What foreign countries have an immediate market for my products?
    • If I modify my products, can I access additional foreign markets?
    • What disadvantages do I have when it comes to foreign markets?
    • What is the fastest way to locate and then qualify a foreign partner?
    • What type of Agreement is the best for my situation?
    • How can I accept orders from foreign partners with zero risk?
    • How do I Finance and Insure exports?
    • How can I lower my overall cost on exporting?

The Solution...

The ITB Export System was designed to eliminate the problems that prevent companies from Exporting by rapidly identifing advantages and disadvantages and then systematically developing a Global Access Plan that fast-tracks entrance to foreign markets. This system serves as a catalyst for forming and managing foreign relationships and once these relationships are established, we utilize our proprietary Export System to simplify every component of international trade.

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The Solutions

ITB Export System™:

Export LaunchThe ITB Export System™ provides access to foreign markets on a level never before seen! We have simplified the entire export process by separating the major components
of International trade into two categories, or hubs. The first hub deals with forming Relationships and the second hub deals with Transactional support...
learn more.

Export Market Development Global Marketing:

It isn’t anything like marketing models of old! Techniques that were successful just 3 years ago are no longer effective! If a company does not understand the power of global Search Engines and how they fundamentally work, they are at the back of the line when it comes to marketing their products to foreign companies!...learn more.

Export Strategies:

When it comes to seeking foreign markets and developing an Export Strategy, there is one fact that stands above all others; No two strategies will ever be the same. So what works for one company, may not work for your company. Identifying foreign markets, establishing relationships and structuring agreements are the foundation of a successful Export Strategy....learn more.


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